GreenPath Financial Wellness has partnerships with over 500 credit unions across the country to empower financial health among their members. GreenPath enables credit union members to prepare for life’s ups and downs and build the financial foundation for their dreams.

Holy Rosary Credit Union supports the financial wellness of its members by providing free access to GreenPath's services, which help members to:

  • Get Out of Debt — If members have high interest credit card debt, a Debt Management Plan may be able to help them lower their interest rates AND pay off debt faster.
  • Create a Budget and Save Money —  During a financial counseling session, members will create a spending plan that works towards their financial goals, including building savings.
  • Build Credit — Our counselors will work with members to better understand their credit report, dispute inaccurate information, and manage their credit score.
  • Plan for Housing — Housing experts will provide support to members who are going through the home buying process, or struggling with rent or mortgage payments.
  • Educate Themselves about Personal Finance — A myriad of resources, including online learning experiences, workshop materials, articles and education handouts, support communities, and more.


Visit GreenPath's site today to learn more, or request a personal call from them. The staff are friendly and helpful and will guide you through their options for paths to financial health, including plans for debt management, housing counseling and more.test

Among its many resources, GreenPath offers frequent webinars on various topics. Here is a helpful video on understanding credit reports and scores. Credit scores are incredibly important when it comes to your financial health and success, so understanding them (and how to have a good one!) is paramount.

GreenPath Resources

GreenPath will provide you with concrete tools for improving your finances. Get an idea of what these will look like here. GreenPath's Financial Counselors will walk you through every step of how to use these resources!

Another example of a useful GreenPath guide can be found here:

Understanding Your Credit Score

Understanding Your Credit Score - Spanish

If you are looking to open a checking account for the first time OR you have had difficulty handling an account in the past, CheckRight may be right for you!

Click here to learn more on GreenPath's site.

GreenPath's CheckRight

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