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I started building my credit at HRCU and borrowed money for cars to drive.When I began to develop my business, HRCU was there to help with my first business loan. Now, I am working with my second larger business loan. My business is thriving. Even more, I sent my brother to HRCU. When he arrived he had no credit score, but recent review shows his score is now almost 700.--Zumlia Lugo LLC

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Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community. They create jobs, bring energy to our neighborhoods and support local causes. Moreover, launching and growing a small business can be a vital onramp to building wealth.  Holy Rosary Credit Union recognizes the unique role and transformational power of small businesses. We are here with the resources to support your small business from start-up to exit.
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Our programs are designed to boost the opportunity for capital access by addressing the most common challenges that small business owners face.  These challenges include insufficient collateral, insufficient down payment funds available, and past credit challenges.  With our free credit counseling, we will even help you improve your credit score.  We also offer technical support and connection to local community partners who offer even more.
To learn more, submit a pre-application (please click on the link below).  We look forward to helping your business grow!
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We have a variety of small business loan options including.

Not only can we offer any small business competitive products and rates, but we are mission-driven to support entrepreneurs whose lack of access to capital and services reflects deep, historic structural inequities. Many businesses owned and operated by people of color, women, immigrants, and veterans, and those located in low-wealth, underserved places still struggle for funding. If this is you, we are here for you. In fact, we are ranked in the top-25 financial institutions in thenation for lending to financially underserved borrowers and communities.