Business Certificates of Deposit       

The Features

Certificates of Deposits (CD's) can increase your earnings  

With flexible terms, amazing rates and no risk, a Certificate of Deposit from Holy Rosary can help you plan and prepare for big purchases or acquisitions and boost your business' equity.


  • Save on your own terms. Choose terms ranging from six months to five year and grow your savings on a timeline that fits your business' schedule.
  • Keep you savings safe.  All deposits are federally insurance by the NCUA.
  • Start savings early. Low minimum opening deposits.
  • Have peace of mind.  With Guaranteed rates, you always know the rate you are earning.

        Current Rates

Open Your Wealth Builder's CD, for as low as $50.

We believe that all of our members can build wealth and that is why we offer our Wealth Builders CD.  Start your CD with a deposit as low as $50, and set up periodic automatic transfers to help your wealth grow.  With a Wealth Builders CD, you's see a higher rate of return than a normal savings account. Call video banking to learn more.