Credit and Debt

Building Credit and Getting Out of Debt


How good would it feel to have your debts in control and your credit score on the rise? You could reduce stress, spend less on interest, put more towards savings, and achieve financial wellness.

What may seem unattainable is often within reach--we just need the right resources and support.

Learn How to Build Your Credit

Take Action

  • Stay on top of your credit score. As a member of Holy Rosary Credit Union, you have free access to your credit report and score, tips for improvement, and credit monitoring alerts.
  • Apply what you know about your credit score by making payments on timepaying down credit cards, having a mix of different kinds of credit, keeping old credit cards open, and avoiding hard inquiries.
  • Add positive history to your credit report. If you lack installment credit history, consider a Credit Builder loan. If you have revolving credit history, consider a Secured Credit Card or Line of Credit.

Personalized Assistance

Credit Check Plus is a free service of Holy Rosary Credit Union. You can expect to receive thorough, non-judgmental credit counseling from a staff member trained in financial coaching. Due to COVID-19, all Credit Check Plus sessions are held over Zoom. 

In this session you'll not only have a free look at your credit report and score, you'll also learn strategies for building credit and getting out of debt--all tailored to your unique situation and goals. We'll run a "soft pull" of your credit report, which will not hurt your credit score. 

We Want to Hear from You!

Tell us about your experience with Financial Wellness services from Holy Rosary Credit Union! Your feedback will help us know what is most beneficial and what can be improved. 

Learn Strategies for Getting Out of Debt