INFORMATION ON Credit Card Conversion

Credit Card


  • You should have received your new credit card in mail.
  • If you didn't have a card delivered, please contact us  so we can check the status of your order.  You can use the online message center, Video Banking, phone, etc.
  • Phase One of the conversion is nearing completion.
  • Change any automatic payments you have set up with old credit card card.
  • Going forward credit card payments will be made at Holy Rosary Credit Union and not ezCard.
  • If you have an old card, it will not longer work.
  • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SET-UP YOUR CARD IN A DIGITAL WALLET for several more months.  We are working hard to get this in place.
  • Soon you will have access to Card Nav which will give you great control over your card at the tip of your fingers.

Important Information: