Save the Change

Saving just got a whole lot easier! When you enroll in our Save the Change program, we'll round up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and transfer the extra change to your savings account! It's a simple, easy way to start saving money. 

All the change quickly adds up. Say you spend $3.38 on a coffee every morning before work. We round that purchase up to $4.00, which means $0.62 gets deposited into your savings account. If you get coffee five days a week, that's $3.10 a week added to your savings. Add that up for the whole year, and your coffee purchases alone are giving your savings account $161.20.

Save the Change is a great, low-effort way to save up for holiday purchases, for a down payment on a house, or to help pay down debt. In this high-tech world of plastic cards, we don't often come home with change in our pocket to drop in a jar. Save the Change is a modern version of an time-honored tradition and will help you fill up your "jar" without a single thought. To sign up, fill out this form, call 816.221.2734, or stop by a branch. 

Save the Change

Every Penny Counts!